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《狗主回應》Amy – 黑妹 (2013-05-01)


「黑妹」是我家的金毛尋回犬及德國牧羊所混出來的毛孩。她和妹妹「三寶」兩月大時一同寄居於我朋友宿舍的外花園。幾年後,兩姊妹先後返回我家與金毛爸爸及狼狗媽媽團聚。在高興之餘,我那刻也為到黑妹四年以來的某些「活潑好動」習慣而煩惱 : 出街散步時不停向同類狂吠及搶繩、出入家時衝門、無時無刻監視並追趕五隻同居貓咪(並引起他們的緊張情緒而胡亂地在我們的睡床上解決)、不定時在家不定位大小二便等等。「黑妹」這些看似普通的問題實在為我寧靜的家帶來不小麻煩及不快,更甚的有次黑妹因離遠見到小狗而不停狂吠及搶繩狂衝,並將我整個人扯跌到地上而令到我小腿受傷。

幸運地我找到了Eddie幫忙,Eddie在了解黑妹的情況後,便運用了positive training及behavior modification的理論與方法去教導我及給我作實地示範。經過Eddie的指教及之後的訓練,黑妹的情況有了明顯的改善,現在我不用日日做額外清潔,亦可在假日輕鬆地帶「黑妹」及她的父母妹妹去游水及郊遊!



《狗主回應》Gigi – Harry (2013-04-22)


When you rescue a dog from a puppy mill, you really don’t know what you’ll get.

For an inexperienced dog owner like me, it was a monumental challenge.

I rescued Harry from SPCA not knowing his past at all. After I signed on the dotted line and picked him up after desexing, I realized I had a dog that didn’t understand most things dogs (and their owners) take for granted. To make it worse, Harry suffered from separation anxiety; he was afraid to empty his bladder in front of me, yet he’d relief himself when I wasn’t looking – sometimes as quick as when I am away for less than 30 seconds!

After some unsuccessful attempts on my own, a friend recommended Eddie to me. Eddie was able to explain to me the basics about dog psychology. He gave me constructive advice about how to help Harry and I communicate. We were able to establish some routines that helped us housebreak Harry. In particular, positive reinforcement works very well with a dog like Harry – who was already very scared of punishment.

Two and a half years later, Harry is a happy and loving dog who doesn’t create messes for me