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《狗主回應》Emerald – Oli (2013-12-02)



My Tibetan Spaniel, Oliver “Oli”, has a very timid personality when he was 8 months old. Oli was not very receptive towards other dogs and strangers who came to visit my home. He would bark and act ferociously towards dogs which see them from over 100 metres away on the street. At times, he would also  want to attack those strangers whom come to my home, such as construction workers.

I came across the method of positive training and found Eddie online. I only had 2 sessions with Eddie and it already did wonders! Eddie made me realize that Oli was acting this way because he was afraid but not because he was fierce. Using positive training method, I was able to help Oli overcome his fears. He stopped attacking construction workers at my home. More amazingly, he now feels curious towards other dogs and tries to approach them. The biggest recent improvement of all, is that Oli made it through the HKDR Peak to Fong walk just fine. Although he is not 100% open towards other dogs, I feel like this is a huge improvement for Oli, thanks to Eddie. I hope to continue to work with Eddie and help Oli being a more sociable dog!

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