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《狗主回應》Mrs Dai – Cookie (2013-05-10)



My husband and I adopted a 5-year-old male Yorkshire terrier in March 2013 and named it “Cookie”. Cookie is a wonderful dog as he is obedient, smart, with excellent toilet training and superb eating habit that we find him adorable.

However, Cookie is timid, nervous and insecure. His habit of lingering around people also bothers me. We are living in a high-rise building that dogs are not allowed. Whenever we need to take Cookie out for a walk, he has to enter into a bag and wait patiently to take the lift that Cookie feels bizarre and frightening. Moreover, Cookie feels uneasy to wait alone when my husband and I are out for work. The situation worsens during thunder and storm, that Cookie shivering a lot and shuts down by not eating or drinking when panicked.

Eddie provided prompt assistance to soothe Cookie and ease our tension. We adopted “positive reinforcement” techniques to retrain Cookie to revolve around his anxieties with good things. We placed treats inside his outdoor bag, that Cookie eventually associated the bag with “good thing”. Then we zipped the bag and took him out for short walk day-by-day. Also, Eddie taught us useful quick fixes by stop responding to Cookie’s undesirable behavior with petting. We arranged his bedding into an enclosed space and covered it with blankets like a “den”, because a dog feels safe inside a “den”. After two months’ of painstaking effort, Cookie now enters his bag and takes short walks readily; moreover he is less anxious at bad weather and when stays alone.

Dog training is a persistent and challenging task, yet thanks to Eddie that Cookie is now our great companion. If you need a reliable, committed and experienced dog trainer; Eddie is your choice.

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